Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins ...

Yummm .... these smell delicious!

Since Don was diagnosed with Diabetes and I've been trying very hard to lose some weight and get healthy, I haven't done much baking. I LOVE to bake! Ollie can certainly afford some treats here and there so I got up this morning and made him muffins. WOW do they smell good. I took a little bite of one of his and they are indeed delicious. It was nice to bake something. I need to do it much more often.

Tonight is his first spring hockey game and I'm looking forward to it. I think he's super glad to be back on the ice again. I'm almost sad as this will be his last year doing spring league in youth hockey. Next year if he wants to play spring he'll have to find a league that will accept seniors or go to a men's league.

We've survived our first week of Don's "retirement". Not sure when he decided he was retiring, but I guess that's the word now. He seems to be enjoying it. I'm giving it time to adjust and see how it's working out.

He tore apart the dining room almost a month ago now and is still in the process of working on it. Hopefully now that he's home all the time we'll get it finished up and work on getting the siding on the outside of the house done. It was started 8 years ago.... it's time! I think the dining room is going to be really pretty when we're done. I'm going to paint it a nice spring like yellow with white trim. The floor is going to be bamboo and I can't wait to see it down. It's going to be gorgeous.

Ok, time for some chores around here. Have a great Saturday!

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