Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Re-Entering Blogging Land ....

Here I am..... really I'm not lost. Ok, well maybe not totally lost.

It's been a long struggle for the last year with any creativity. Between that, being busy with everyday life, crazy things at work, etc.... I just stopped blogging with any regularity. I've also been struggling with how much privacy is needed and how much to blog about my own personal life.

So, I've decided that I'm going to try and start posting with some regularity. Hopefully I haven't lost all my blog followers.

Sooooooo here's a quick recap to try and catch things up to date a little ....

Ollie finished out a fantastic hockey season with the high school. He played Varsity only this year and had a break out season with goals and assists. Coach uses him regularly very defensively and for special assignments. He never complains and works hard to do whatever is needed. It's paying off for him and he really contributed to the team more than ever. They started out with not so great a team and really had to work hard to pull things together. They went from being 1-6-0 to earn a spot at the end of the season for Divisionals and States. Unfortunately we didn't make it past the first round of either one, but still for the team we had it was fantastic to see them pull together and succeed the way they did with the season. Great job Cutters!!

Work has been insane the past couple of years with the one partner having kidney cancer. Everything came to a head when he got significantly sicker this past fall and was out of work since the beginning of September. We also had someone quit in mid-October so we went from an office of four down to an office of two for months. I'm not sure how we managed, but we kept things going and ended up doing ok for the end of the year. The one partner (original owner) has bought out and dissolved the partnership and is now the sole owner again. We hired someone new beginning of March so things are getting on a much better track.

Don is losing his job end of this week. We've known it was coming, but it doesn't make it any easier or less scary. I'm not sure what the next step for him will be at this point. He will be able to collect unemployment for a while. Hopefully we figure something out. I'm nervous, worried, scared... you name it. BUT it is what it is and we'll have to figure a way to work through it. He's been pretty miserable there for a long time so I know in many ways it's a relief for him even though there are financial worries.

Ollie is preparing to take his SATs. We've started talking about colleges, etc. WOW is that intimidating and unchartered territory. Fortunately his grades are good and his PSAT scores were excellent. Hopefully he will have options when the time comes. Of course I'm hoping for some scholarship money. Would go a long way to help out especially with Don being unemployed.

I've been doing a little designing again. I'm feeling unconfident and rusty, but at least I seem to be getting there. The new blog look is a sneak peek at a kit I am hoping to have out this week. I need to get the previews done and a description written so I can get it in the store. The name is Twilight Dreams and I'm trying to get a coordinating bracket album done also.

Ok, enough rambling .... back to work for me.

Keep your eyes open. I need to post the April Scraplift Challenge @ Digitals here. It's a FANTASTIC one this month! Also, watch for Twilight Dreams to make it to the store. I have given it to a couple of people to work on layouts. Hopefully I'll have something to show you there soon too. Maybe I'll even be able to put a little freebie out here.

See you soon!

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dedesmith32 said...

Your new kit looks beautiful Georgia and I'm so glad you have been designing again! I'm so so so sorry for all your hardships and hope you know how much I think about you and pray for you. Love ya sister!