Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back from Hershey

This is 10 years of an annual trip to Hershey on Labor Day weekend. Stayed at the Hershey Lodge for the first time this year and now feel totally spoiled. We'll never stay anywhere else in Hershey again! LOL

You should see the gift basket they left in our room!

You should see the chocolate we brought home with us!

Trip was wonderful and would have been perfect except for the multiple phone calls from work! Apparently our e-mail developed problems sometime Friday afternoon. Tons of phone calls with my boss and then with our tech guy trying to fix things remotely. And of course I did NOT take my laptop this time. This was supposed to be a "get away from it all and refresh" mini vacation. That SOOO did NOT happen. Tech guy was here when I got to work this morning. Good news is that he has us up and running better than ever now. Didn't do a thing for boss man's mood though. He has the nerve to be upset that it was stressful for him here all by himself yesterday. Grrrrr grumble grumble... 'nuff said about that issue! LOL

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