Thursday, September 13, 2007

My boys ...

Hubby and Ollie from our Hershey trip on Labor Day weekend. They were waiting in line to ride the Comet roller coaster and I got a chance to snap some pictures. I took pictures of them on the ride too, but that's a whole different layout.

Journaling Reads: You are my two favorite boys in the whole wide world! I love our little family more than anything even though we are sometimes“weird”. Who determines what “weird” is anyhow? I wouldn’t trade either one of you or our “weird” little family for anything. Good times and bad, as long as I have the two of you, life is GOOD!

Supplies Used: Background Paper is a photo I took of the Comet used as an overlay. Brad, paperclip, ribbon and monogram from my Dream Your Own Monogram for summer kit.

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