Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm not lost...

really I'm not... LOL

I've been working super hard this week getting organized! I am busy updating my calendar in Outlook and syncing up with my Palm Pilot. I don't know when I let that get so out of control, but I think I'm back up to date again. I even started using the color coding labeling so I can print out calendars and it's easier to find things. I've also been getting things in order for Ollie's travel hockey team. I'm the team manager again this year, so I'm busy organizing the first aid bag and paperwork for the games, getting everyone's e-mail addresses entered from the roster and group e-mails set up for reminders and directions, etc. etc. I've also been working very hard on my grab bag for Digitals' 3rd Birthday Bash the first week of October. I have three products almost ready to zip up and upload. Be sure to check it out, it's a great bargain at only $2. I'll have more about that as we get closer.

I've got my list of other design deadline stuff to get done. Stop by TSG and check out the Box of Dreams challenges this month. Every Thursday I post a new one. We are doing journaling challenges this month. Each one completed earns you a piece of the School Days kit I did. I will be putting the kit in the stores after the challenges are completed this month.
Also, if you stop by the TSG store, any purchase of $10 or more this month earns you my Butterfly Dance kit for free. That will also be going into my stores after this month.

Would love to hear what my readers are up to. Back to work ........

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