Monday, September 10, 2007

Just another Manic Monday ....

Should'a been a fun day..... hehehe..... singing this morning!

Weekend was good. Friday night was spent taking apart the old puter, labeling all the wires, etc., hooking up the new one. Good news is it booted right up and WOWZA it's a fast one. Love it! Got a few things installed, but it was super late before we got everything put together.

Saturday morning hubby went and got hooks, etc. and made all the wires behind the desk nice and neat. NO wires on the floor. Gotta love that. Wires on the floor are big cat attractions and even bigger cat hair tumbleweek attractions. Worked on cleaning house and really got some things accomplished including taking the sofa cover, etc. apart, washing it and putting it all back together. Took clothes up to my closet to hang up and ended up doing a major closet overhaul and clean out. I found clothes from the 80's (yes I said the 80's) in a container in the back. I've been bad about not cleaning old shoes and clothes out when either they are worn out or totally something I won't wear any more. Anyhow, ended up cleaning FIVE garbage bags full of clothes out to go to the charity bin. Also had a bag of garbage stuff and and old shoe rack sent out. Most of my dress shoes are in plastic shoe boxes and labeled. My other shoes I've decided is easier to have in baskets to rotate around the floor according to season, etc. Anyhow, it looks fabulous in there and I can actually find things! It's not a large closet and I really should be better about keeping it organized and cleaned out. Hubby always tells me I can't buy new shoes unless I throw old ones out. I usually ignore him on that statement, however I'm thinking he owes me about 7 or 8 pairs of shoes after Saturday! hehe

Saturday night Ollie started practice with his travel team for the season. Coach Rob (his coach from last year... we're super happy he moved up with us!) skated them super hard but the team looks good. I think we have a great mix of kids this year.

Sunday we had visitors. DBIL, DSIL and niece were up for a wedding and were able to drop by for a couple of hours. We hadn't seen them in 3 years so it was a nice visit. After that we dashed out for Ollie's practice. The weekend seemed to fly by and I never go back to getting the new computer completely set up.

Tonight I have to get Outlook up and going and syncing up with my Palm Pilot. Time to organize and get cracking on design stuff.

Here's the September wallpaper that I got done for hubby last week. These were pictures he took last year at Hershey experimenting with the camera the the lights. I love these pictures and want to do more layouts with them. I created the papers, etc. to go with them for this wallpaper. I'm thinking maybe a small kit called "Hershey at Night"?

Better get to work.....

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kitchenwitchnh said...

Lucky thing on clothing if you hold onto it , it comes back in style, I bet your 80's clothing will be loved by some teenager ! lol