Friday, September 7, 2007


Whew, what a week. Back from Hershey, e-mail problems at work, the start of high school and the new travel hockey season. Not to mention a crop last night (was a blast ladies!). My new desktop computer should arrive today. I can't wait to get started on setting it up, BUT I need (NEED and I do mean NEED... not want) to CLEAN my house! It's a fur-filled disaster zone!

So this weekend will be cleaning, setting up the new computer, 2 hockey practices to kick off the season and a visit from DBIL, DSIL and one of the nieces. They are stopping by on Sunday for a little bit after a wedding they are attending. Oh and we have to drop some gifts off at a birthday party on the way to hockey practice Sunday, but can't stay for the party. Good news is for once the gifts are already bought. Just need to wrap and go. Hubby's birthday next Friday!!!!.... that's a whole other story! LOL

Good news is with the new puter I'll be able to sync up my Palm Pilot again.... so maybe that means I'll update my calendar and have a clue when I'm coming and going! hehe

Here's a candid picture hubby took of Ollie and me on Monday. I hate pictures of me and I don't think it's a great one of either of us... and then again for some reason.... I like it. Go figure! Maybe it's scrapping material.

Oh yeah, and I think I mentioned that we got a fabulous gift basket at the Hershey Lodge. Here is a pix that hubby took of it.

Sending out hugs and wishes to all for a fabulous weekend!

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dedesmith32 said...

Hey did you bring home chocolate for me? :) Sounds like everything is going well even though you are busy! I'm with ya girl!