Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back from vacation ...

We rolled in last night late. Hubby had to work today so I was up early to iron his clothes and get him out the door. Went back to bed and am now up and ready to tackle huge mountains of laundry, unpack, clean this house which is a disaster, clean out my e-mail box (can you say over 1000 e-mails????), download the pictures from vacation and get back on track. I have to work tomorrow so I don't have much time to get all this done. Ollie is cleaning out his e-mail now and goes back to hockey clinic tonight.

Vacation was super fantastic and wonderful! We had no connection in the room so I wasn't online at all. I was able to finagle a connection a few times for Ollie to send e-mails out to the coach and Nicole. Other than that, it was a technology free vacation. Probably good... needed to clear my head and enjoy my family and our time together. Beach was gorgeous and we came home with tons of shells this year. I found the big shell this time on the shelling cruise. That was the only thing about lack of connection, I would have liked to blog each day of our vacation. Would have made the scrapping easier, but I didn't even turn on the computer to journal. I'll have to write about it bit by bit here and post pictures once I have them downloaded.

Gave me a chance to think about designing, etc. I'm going to be mulling over my options and probably going to make some changes soon. I'll keep you posted.

Ok, off to clean out the junk part of the e-mails and start the laundry. Lots to do... but I'm sure I'll be back!


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