Thursday, July 31, 2008

Exclusive @ Digitals!!!

I'm happy to announce that tomorrow all my designs will be exclusive with Digitals!

I'm sad to be leaving TSG, however I just cannot handle the work it takes to be in multiple stores right now. It takes away too much time from my family and design time. The ladies at TSG are awesome and I'm going to miss being a part of the team there. Of course that means I'll be suspending my Box of Dreams Crop and Challenges for now, but if I can organize myself properly I will continue them in the future at Digitals.

I'm excited about being exclusive at Digitals. The management is incredible (LOVE Stacey & Rick!) and everything is so well run. The Design Team and Other Teams there are absolutely wonderful too! Did you know there is a quality check team at Digitals that pulls kits for quaility checks on a regular basis? I love knowing that we are putting out good quality designs there.

So, I'm feeling really good about my decision on this right now. I'm hoping it will give me a chance to be more a part of things in the forum and gallery. AND give me a little more time to design and do some of my own scrapbook pages.

I hope you'll join me each month for the Scraplift challenge. Tomorrow will start a new one. I'll post the information about it here on my blog too.

So, that's my big design news. I hope I'll see you in the forum and gallery as well as here on my blog. I always welcome comments and communication!



dedesmith32 said...

Understand completely Georgia - as you know. :)

Let me know when you are ready to do OUR KIT...I'd like to get it done in August because it is summer themed...

Sherry said...

I really hate that you (and DeDe) left the Garden - we miss you!! But I find it hard to follow just my right and left hand!! Much less try to keep up with designs, sales, chats, freebies, etc on multiple sites!!! Good luck to you. You'll have to get to know my hero there -- also exclusive -- the one and only Katie Mann!! I used to be a CT for her way back when!!