Sunday, July 20, 2008

For those of you having problems downloading from 4shared (which does happen sometimes if there are too many people trying to access at once), I have provided an alternate link. I know it's frustrating, but believe me ... it's most frustrating for those of us designing when we put up links that randomly don't work and we don't know why. I have downloaded from both links each day to make sure that I can get them. I am doing this from an alternate computer as an extra check.

I apologize that some of you are still having problems with 4shared, but that is why I have gone the extra step of a totally different service for the alternate link. Please know that I am doing everything I can to make sure everyone gets the freebie at my stop.


Lu-Ann said...

TY, you are more than going the extra mile for us and all for freebies! Wow! You surely are a southern "Georgia" peach! I downloaded from 4 shared w/no problems today and for the first 5days, but yesterday, arggh! it decided not to work and I'm so glad you provided that extra link! I would hate to have missed even 1/2 of a page to your gorgeous album! TY so much for caring, even though I know it must be a true hardship! God bless!

RayneScraps Designs said...

You have more than gone the extra mile! I haven't had a bit of problems with 4shared so far on any of the blog train so am lucky! Thanks for all the lovely goodies on your stop! Hugs Jo

grambie said...

You cannot control 4Share and people's computer. IE often acts up when downloading. You are so kindly sharing of your time and talent to aid us so that we can have wonderful items to share during the Christmas Holiday. You can only do but aso much. Thanx for giving from the heart which is revealed in your wonderful page layout designs. So continue in the path that you are going. I know that you truly care for others because God has given you innate talent that shines. Always remember that no one can take that away from you. I have had no problems with your downloads, but have had problems with others. You have taken the time to give an alternate download, so there is nothing else that you can do. My prayers and God's Blessings go with you each and every day. HUGS!!