Monday, July 14, 2008


Love all the people visiting my blog for the Polar Express Blog Train! Thanks for all the wonderful comments. This is really a lot of fun. I checked out the rest of the stops and there are some great pieces out there!

It's been super busy since being back from vacation. I cannot get caught up at work. Making things worse is our server is starting to die a slow death and I've got to get a new one in there ASAP. I talked to my support company today and got an estimate for the new equipment. YIKES!

Day after we got home from vacation my oven died. Right in the middle of making fresh peach cobbler from SC peaches we picked up at a road side stand on the way home. Eeekkk not what you want to come home to after vacation. We talked about having it fixed, but it was over 25 years old sooooooo..... I'm the proud owner of a brand spanking new stove that is fantastic! I have to take pictures so you can see this thing, I am putting one here that I found on the internet. The small drawer on the bottom is a second oven! Gotta LOVE that! It was delivered on Saturday and the old one carted away. The delivery guys laughed at my old one and called it a relic. The new one is all stainless and gorgeous. Of course that prompted a huge clean up/clean out in the kitchen. We are now putting all brushed stainless wall electrical and light switch covers. Also brand new brushed stainless handles for the cabinets. AND to top it all off, my wonderful hubby just took me to Crate and Barrel and bought me new muffin pans, new brownie pans, new bread pans and a new paring knife. I'm in cooking heaven! I made another peach cobbler yesterday and hubby and Ollie said it was 10x better than the 1st one (of course that's comparing to one that was 1/2 cooked in a broken oven and finished on the grill outside). I also made pancakes on the middle griddle last night and it cooked them up so nice. I'm loving it! Guess this calls for a scrap page about the new stove.

Ok, off to work on some design stuff I need to get done. Be sure to check in tomorrow for Day 2!

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