Monday, February 19, 2007

Game Winning Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news to report from our crazy weekend of hockey! Ollie scored the game winning goal as the alternate on the A team Saturday night. This was huge in his world. To be respected enough to be asked to play up and help out their team and then score the winning goal. It's wonderful to see him rewarded for his work and dedication. He lives and breathes hockey and works very hard at constantly trying to improve his skills. All on top of being an excellent kid and student. I'm very very proud of him! GO OLLIE!
As you can see, hubby got a little excited when taking the pictures of the goal and celebration and they ended up all blurry! I think I might just scrap them anyhow.

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Diann said...

Go Ollie!!!!
I know he was excited!
We really enjoy seeing the photos of his game!