Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Went and ran errands. Needed a bigger portable drive for my design stuff. Also needed a much bigger external backup drive for our main computer. I'm going to use our old one as a data drive and the new one to back up both the pc and the data drive. Lots to do to configure and clean everything.

Ollie wanted to watch The Da Vinci Code DVD with me. I hadn't seen it yet and we both read and enjoyed the book. He kept telling me I'd like the movie. Well, it was really good. I'd recommend it... especially if you read the book and liked it. Regardless, it's a good story. I really like Dan Brown's writing and have enjoyed his other books and look forward to Angels and Demons coming out in movie form also.

We also made a trip to Trader Joe's when out running errands. LOVE that place. Stocked up on some favorite yummies. Off to make chili and corn bread for dinner. Also to work on moving data, etc. around.

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