Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is snow coming??????

They say a storm is headed this way. My head sure tells me that's the case. I had a killer migraine last night that flat out put me out of commission, one of the worst I've had in quite a while. Feeling a little better today, but my head and neck are really sore.

I'm ready for a snow storm (yes, you can all remind me of that when I'm complaining about shoveling and the sticky mess the salt/ice combo tracks all over my floors) ... we really haven't had any snow to speak of so far this year. It's beautiful and everyone should have at least one good storm a year... right? Seriously, what they are saying is coming is nothing compared to some that we've gotten in years past. We'll see what actually gets here.

Team pictures went really well last night. I've got about 30 proofs from each team (four teams in total) to go through and try to target the best one. I'll print one for each team member and coach for the year end dinner. Thank goodness my head was at a level that I could tolerate until we got home from the practice.

Working on editing tons of pictures from games I still need to get up on the team's website. Here's a new one of Ollie I liked when editing. There are so many! I sure need to get scrapping. Anybody know how to get more hours out of the day?

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