Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy ICY Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day all!

Goodness it's icy here! It's been snowing (well really ice pellets) since last night. The roads are horrible and it took me an hour to get into work. My commute is usually 15-20 minutes. My windshield wipers were freezing to the windshield and it's very messy out there! I absolutely dread the ride home. Very very stressful! We are expecting more ice, some freezing rain and then to get capped off with anywhere from 6 inches to a foot of snow this afternoon. Waiting to see if one or both hockey practices will get canceled. I'm almost 100% positive that street hockey will be canceled, but ice hockey will depend on the roads.

Boss man is all impressed though as his partner and the new girl didn't bother to attempt to get in here today. Soooooo.... I guess it was worth doing the right thing and coming in. Believe me, I sure thought about calling and saying no way. He gave me a flower (plant), some chocolate covered coffee beans, some body butter lotion and a card from him, his wife and their cat Romeo (who I take care of when they go away). Here's a picture of my buddy Romeo!

Pictures and more to come later ...

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Joni said...

And just what a Romeo he really is! I have a gorgeous Gentleman "furbaby" named Bartholomew Harry (actually it was more the "hairy" aspect intent) that would probably get along quite well with that big guy! Bart is a Maine Coon and he's 20 lbs. Looks as if Romeo is not underfed at all, just as Bartholomew is not!! LOL! We *do* love our "little boys", don't we??! ... even if they're just "loaners", huh??! LOL!

Thank you for sharing his absolutely gorgeous photo. One day I will share Bartholomew OR Jasmine or possibly Layla!! We'll just have to see how my avatar goes. For's good just the way it is....

Thanks and Hugs!