Monday, February 26, 2007

Some Snow ...

Woke up to 4-6 inches of snow this morning. It was really beautiful to see since we've had so little snow this winter. It was nice fluffy wet snow that's perfect to play in. Of course it's also easier to clean up so school was only put on an hour delay and we had to go to work. However, I won't complain about that extra hour at home this morning. I have to say hubby is the absolute best as he did the shoveling and cleaning off my truck and his car before he took a shower and left for work. I took a couple of pix out the window, not sure how they turned out as I didn't have time to download them yet.

Weekend was a major hockey marathon. Poor Ollie was exhuasted! He's also coming down with something, coughing and complaining of a sore throat. No fever though so I encouraged him to go to school rather than have to make up a bunch of work. He was instructed to call me though if he starts feeling really bad and I'll go get him early.

Hubby took pictures of the games this weekend, need to get them edited and uploaded for the hockey site. Here's the All Star team picture from street hockey.
Ollie is the goalie with the red helmet.

Here's picture hubby took of Ollie and his coach, Mario. Mario loved Ollie's blue hockey hat and kept teasing him he wanted to trade. Well, he's such a great kid he traded hats with Mario and here is the picture with them in their new head gear. I'll order Ollie a new hat to replace the one he traded away. Mario wore it all day and is going to wear it snowboarding next time he goes. He's so proud of it. We are sad to move up and not have him and Chris as coaches any more.

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