Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bloggity blog blog ...

Just randomness this morning! LOL

We went to the high school ice hockey playoff game (round 2) last night. Wooohoooo on a fantastic win in the shoot out. I can't believe that Ollie is going to high school next year and this could be him I'm rooting for. WHERE did the time go? WHEN did he get taller than me? It's amazing to me how fast he's growing up right now. Round 3 will be Friday night and we'll be able to attend that one also. If they win Friday night, they will go to the Semi-Finals and possibly Finals which are played at Continental Airlines Arena where the NJ Devils play. We love going to those as there are four games on the semi-final day and it's a fun time. Unfortunately it's next weekend, the same weekend we'll be in Deleware for our hockey tournament. Regardless.... GO FAIR LAWN CUTTERS! We are behind you all the way guys.

Working on ideas for a new crop series. Apparently my old site has decided to keep my crop instead of me taking it with me. That's ok, the Dream Team is working on some fun ideas that I think will take us in a better direction. Funny how when one door closes sometimes a much better one opens. I'm very excited about all the new sites and the people I'm meeting there. Life is good!

My boss is in the hospital since yesterday afternoon with a rapid heartbeat problem. He's feeling better this morning. We are waiting to hear if they are going to do a procedure they talked about yesterday. Hopefully he'll be better and home later today. Stressful stuff.

Lots and lots and lots to do, need to make a list ...

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