Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok, so today is the 1st day of Spring. Ummmm did someone forget to notify Mother Nature? LOL As I look out the window this morning at the snow and ice piled up everywhere from the weekend storm and feel the freezing temperature ... it sure doesn't feel like spring! It is however supposed to start warming up as the week goes on. I'm ready for some pretty green grass, flowers and leaves on the trees. Reminds me, better get the allergy medicine lined up!

Another super busy week this week. Preparing for the awards dinner. Printed out the team pix for all four teams. Several of us are getting together tonight to assemble the frames. Also working on pulling everything together for the parent/player game on Sunday. I've got deadlines by all three shops for my pieces of mega kits, etc. Soooooo once I'm caught up on that I can get back to a normal routine. Yayyyyy

Almost done with my piece of the April Mega kit for The Scrapping Garden. Woohoooo I love what I've done so far. Making me want to get caught up so I can devote more time to designing.

Back to the piles of work on my desk..................

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