Friday, March 2, 2007


Wooohooo I'm happy it's Friday. And a Friday that we have NO plans. I'm looking forward to COOKING dinner at home and having an evening to chill. Of course hubby knows that means SCRAP and DESIGN time. hehe

It's actually a fairly quiet weekend. Ollie has a game on Sunday morning and is on standby to alternate for the A team on Saturday afternoon. Other than that, no big plans. Hubby and I did a big grocery trip the other night so any food needed should be minimal. I think we are set on Costco stuff too. I think we'll take some time and try to see a movie or two. Ollie already saw Norbit and said it was really funny.

Have an idea in my head for an add-on alpha set for the Pajama Party kit. I did preview templates for my products last night. As soon as I'm done renaming the files, zipping up and adding the previews ... I'll be sending it off to the stores. I can't wait! Speaking of stores, I'm so pleased to announce that I was accepted to design at The Scrapping Garden also! They are in the process of a large server move so when they are back up and running I'll be set up there too. I'm excited about my three stores and look forward to being a part of the communities there. Everyone I've met is so nice!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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Melanie said...

Here's hoping you have a nice and relaxing weekend! Miss ya bunches :)