Monday, March 12, 2007

Busy weekend it was ....

Busy weekend, but an enjoyable one. Now that street hockey is over and we just have ice hockey, it's back to enjoying the games instead of feeling rushed all the time. Ollie's team lost both games, but only by a goal and they were well matched and well played games. He scored on Saturday and had two assists on Sunday. Here's a pix from his goal on Saturday. You have to look for the red gloves in the air!
Busy week ahead getting ready to leave for the tournament on Thursday. Wondering if I should go get another card for the camera as I'm worried about filling the two we have up and I didn't plan on taking the laptop to download. We'll see what happens ...
I'm hoping to have Pajama Party up in the Scrapping Garden store today. I'm all set up there I think. Anxious to get caugh up on a few things so I can start designing and putting some new stuff out along with reworking my older kits.
Happy Monday... have a great day all!

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