Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm so excited for my son that I can hardly contain myself. The awards dinner for the Kodiak ice hockey organization was last night. All kids received a very nice trophy for playing the season. There were some special awards handed out to a few players from each team based on different things. Each team had one player named as "Most Valuable Player". Ollie was the recipient for his team! HOW WONDERFUL is that? I have to tell you how proud I am of this kid. He puts his whole heart and soul out there every time he steps on the ice. His work ethic is absolutely amazing and he works nonstop at improving his skills and the way he plays the game. It is so nice to see him rewarded for this.

I think I'm most excited for him because this organization has treated him so incredibly well. This coming after being in an organization that treated him badly for 2 years. We went from an organization that only cared about the management of the organization and those parent's children to an organization that cares about each and every one of the players. This awards dinner was amazing and the things they did for the kids were equally amazing. The awards, prizes, gifts to the team managers, coaches, etc. were so well thought out and planned. My hubby took the team pictures, I did all the editing and printing and then several of the mothers helped put them in frames last week. EVERY player and every coach received a framed team picture.

Just to cap off a fabulous night, one of the parents from our team organized a collection and gave my hubby and I a very nice plaque thanking us for all our hard work as Team Manager and a gift certificate to a very nice restaurant. It was so unexpected and it is very much appreciated even though completely unnecessary. I would do it all over again in a minute even though it's a lot of work. As a matter of fact they wouldn't let me turn in my first aid bag, water bottles and game pucks... I have a feeling I'm already designated for the spring league team! Even better than that, one of the parents took a picture of hubby, myself and Ollie after the last game at the tournament. He printed it out 5x7 and framed it for us. I was so touched, we have so few pictures of the three of us together and it turned out gorgeous. Never mind that we were dressed for a game, Ollie had wet sweaty hair, etc. etc.... I'm in between my two favorite boys in the world in that picture and it's AMAZING!

Hubby took the night off from being the photographer, so no pictures from the dinner. I'll be sure to get pictures of the awards and post them here later. The president of the whole organization got up throughout the night with some one line facts, stories about the season, etc. One of the one liners was:

"Chances are... the Oliver's have more pictures of your child than you do"

ROFL, how true and funny is that?

P.S..... for those of you who have e-mailed me this week and not gotten a response back, you can see why! I'll be working very hard the next few days to catch up on things. LIFE IS GOOD!

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dedesmith32 said...

Oh Georgia! How absolutely wonderful and so well deserved! Tell your son that Aunt DeDe is proud of him. :) I'm so glad it went so well!

Now take a little breather! You have been working so hard!

I think you need to do a hockey kit for your son! :) I'll gladly contribute if you'll have me...although I don't know much about hockey! LOL

Anyways, love ya!