Monday, August 18, 2008

It's another Manic Monday

... wish it was a fun day!

Ughhhh where do the weekends go and how come Mondays have to be so hard sometimes?

Weekend was good. Friday night hubby actually came home a decent hour. He was in the mood for good dinner out instead of something fast. Went to Bone Fish and it was spectacular! Mmmm pomegranite martinis are da bomb! hehe Went on a day trip adventure down to Smithville on Saturday. Little village was cute, probably not a go back to place though. Stopped at Mud City Crabhouse (right by LBI) on the way home and it was scrumptious as always! Mmmmm good food. Ended up home later than anticipated so didn't get anything done on Saturday.

Sunday was up early for Ollie's clinic in the morning. Then the high school team (what I think will pretty much be Varsity) had a scrimmage against Montclair. They played well, but not well enough. Lots of work to do be done for this team, but I think they can pull it together. Lost 3-1 so again, it wasn't terrible.

This week is hockey camp for Ollie so we have to be out of the house by 7:15 each morning. Ughhhhh! It means I'm up by 5:00 instead of by 5:30, but it's only a week. I also have to pick him up from Gary's (the shop his coach owns and where he takes glice lessons) on the way home. It's a little out of the way, but not too bad.

Work was stinky when I got here this morning. The cable was down over the weekend and didn't reset properly. I had to reboot the modem and restart everything. Good news is the fan noise from the server is much quieter this morning... maybe something finally resolved. I'm not complaining about that!

Working on part of a kit that I'm doing together with my dear friend (sister by heart), DeDe Smith. I'm sure you know her from the adorable tearz that she designs. It's based on ice cream and I can't wait to see it all come together. I'm behind on my part, but hoping to catch up in the evenings this week.

Better get lots of work done.... have a fantastic day!

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