Monday, August 11, 2008

Just another Manic Monday ...

WOW it's storming like crazy here right now. Very dark, thundering, lightening and pouring rain! Because of no sun on the building this morning, my office is like a meat locker it's so cold in here. It's one of those grab a blankie, curl up and read a book days. I'm in the middle of a good one too! Oh well, maybe after all I have to get done this afternoon and dinner, I can get some reading time in.
Weekend was good, busy but very good. Took Ollie for his new skates on Friday night. He's now in the top of the line skates from Reebok and says they "glide on their own" they are so good. Said something about them being "simply incredible". Well for $500, they better be something special and super sweet! Seriously, he's worth it ... he has worked so hard and we're looking forward to a good season coming up. We wanted him to get a chance to break them in before the season starts (although you don't really have to break the new ones in, they are heat molded to his feet). Anyhow, here is a picture of what $500 worth of skates looks like:
We got a great picture of Spenser who snuck into the box with them on Ollie's floor. It's going to make a great layout as soon as I get it downloaded from the camera. I already have a great idea for it.
Saturday we went to United House Wreckers in Connecticut to browse around the antiques and reproductions. Didn't come home with anything, but it was fun. Sunday was clinic and errands. Good news is that I finally got a rug for the living room. I love it!
Ok, back to work for me. Tons to get done here and even more at home.

Don't forget that all my designs are 29% off for the Olympics. Come on, you know you need to shop! I need to start making more $$ to pay for those skates! LOL

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