Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday ...

So I'm working on a new kit that is coming along beautifully, but for the life of me I can't even begin to come up with a name for it. I've got at least 12 papers and about 25 elements done and nothing... nada.... zip.... zilch .... it's like my brain shut down on this one. On the way to a glice lesson Ollie and I were chattering in the car and I mentioned I was struggling with a name for a new kit. He asked about the colors and then started in with suggestions. Mind you, this 15 yr. old is a huge history buff and he was coming up with tons of off the wall suggestions. After we got home, I showed him the palette and it set off a whole new set of suggestions. Things like:

Byzantine Beauty
Persian Paradise
Imperial Silk
Imperial Isle
Imperial Sunset
Dawn of the Empire
Far Eastern Silk
Constantine's Capital
Serbian Beaty
Serbian Fire
Kievan Frost
Ambitious Blaze
Tropical Fruit
Tropical Sunset
In Flander's Fields
Fall of Persia
Triple Splendor
Across the Sea

These are just some of his suggestions. Ok, number one, these are fabulous names. I'll be referring to this list for many future kits. Number two... this kid has a fantastic eye and is quite creative. I think I'm going to consult with him more often. I'm so proud that my tough hockey kid has all these other great attributes also. He's such a great kiddo!

Above is a peek at the palette I'm working off of. What do you think of his names?

He keeps coming up with great names like those and I'll be designing forever to use them all. Now if I can get him to come up with some awesome descriptions... hehe

Have a fantastic day!


KatLen said...

I like tropical sunset

Sherry said...

WOW -- what great names he came up with!! My favorite (by far, I think, for this palette, is Imperial Silk! You ought to hire him out to help designers name kits! LOL