Friday, August 15, 2008

New Kit ~ Imperial Ink

It's here! AND on sale with rest of my store for 29% off through August 24th.

Empires bring wealth and with wealth comes luxury. Here you will find deep, rich and meaningful colors. Maroons like rich wine and colors from far off places like India, the pride of Britain. There are deep oranges worthy of Ghengis Khan, whose empire starched from Far East Asia to Eastern Germany. Included are beautiful frames and borders which are only found in the most luxurious of Imperial mansions. Rich colors and unique elements proud and bold enough to show off your mighty empire.

17 Richly Textured Papers
1 Beaded Border
2 Stamped Ink Floral Borders
3 Bows
4 Brads
1 Set Eyelets with Ribbon
4 Flowers
4 Frames
1 French Board Overlay
2 Journaling Blocks
1 Set Journaling Strips
1 Lace1 Scalloped Mat
1 Ribbon
1 Safety Pin with Beads
1 Set Staples
2 Swirls
5 Tags
A very special thank you to Ollie for helping with a wonderful name and description!

1 comment:

EnchantedCropper said...

This is such a beautiful kit, Georgia! And it's a good size too. That will go on the list for next month!! Thanks.