Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun photo ...

Ok, so it hasn't been a good Friday so far!  Boss man blew up his laptop and it now has the blue screen of death.  I've been through tons of diagnostics and even tried a re-format and re-install of the operating system and it looks like he's done it in good.  So his mission now is to get to Best Buy to buy a new one and get it back here so I can get it ready for him before I leave today at 2:30.  Yeahhhhhh ... not looking like I'm going to be leaving on time.  Blahhhhhh ... NOT the way I wanted to start the weekend.  Oh well, I do have to be out of here at a reasonable time. Ollie has a game tonight and I'm not missing it!

I've been trying to move everything from my portable drive over to the new one the boys gave me for my birthday.  I had maxed out the space on the old one (320 GB), so they gave me a cute little 1 TB one.  Of course it takes forever to move things around.  I want all my design stuff on it as well as all our photos so that I can design scrap no matter what computer I'm using.  I have a big external that I will keep it backed up to so that I don't lose anything.  So, long story short I've gotten our photos on the new drive and will start getting the design stuff there next.  I love looking through old photos.  I have a ton of them I need to do for Ollie's scrapbook.  Here's a favorite photo of him from 1998 that I need to do a page for.  He's such a cutie!

Ok, back to work for me.  Hopefully I get everything done and out of here at a reasonable time.  We have a busy weekend ahead.

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