Monday, May 3, 2010

psssttttttt .......

Make sure you check the Facebook group today if you are a member. There's a special coupon there but only for the members. If you aren't a member, now is a good time to join. :-)

I can't believe it's Monday. The weekend flew by so fast ... I feel like I've been left in the dust! Ollie took his SAT on Saturday. Came home feeling pretty good about it. He also had a fantastic game on Friday night with a goal and 3 assists!

Renovations on the dining room are continuing but very slowly. We did get the crown molding for the ceiling this weekend and I primed it all yesterday. The ceiling is up and hubby was sinking the nails and filling. He also filled all the holes, etc. on the walls. Next is sanding and cleaning it up so I can get the ceiling primed and painted. After that paint for the walls and trim. Solid bamboo floor goes in after the bulk of the painting is done. Since it's been apart for well over a month and a half now, I CANNOT wait to put everything back where it belongs and get the house back in order again.

Crazy hot weather yesterday. We don't have the air conditioners ready for the summer yet so it was a miserable night last night. 85 degrees downstairs and probably about 95 degrees upstairs. When I was still awake at 1:00 a.m. and couldn't get comfortable I got a fan from the basement and spent the rest of the night in the recliner tossing and turning. I might have managed 2 hours of sleep total. My boss commented that I looked super tired the minute I walked in this morning. Hopefully it either cools off today or we get the air conditioning ready to turn on!

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