Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday ....

WOW, Monday rushed up on me this week.  Weekend flew by with so many things to do.

Friday night Ollie had a spring hockey game.  He's on a scoring streak with goals and assists in the last three games in a row.  He's really working hard and playing well.  We are so proud of him.

He has two AP tests this week, AP Biology today and AP World History on Thursday.  They are scored 1-5 and if he gets a 3 or above he will get a college credit for the class.  Some colleges only accept a 4 or 5, but most will take 3 or above.  He took a practice Bio on Friday and got a 4 so we are hoping.  I told him this morning that I smell a 5.... hehe

Speaking of being proud of him, one of his best friends (Scott) is Jewish and his younger brother's Bar Mitzvah was on Saturday.  Ollie wasn't invited to the party because it was for friends of Jake, not Scott.  However, Scott did invite Ollie to come to the service on Saturday if he wanted.  Now most teenagers would have said NO WAY.  The service is hours long and if you aren't Jewish and don't understand Hebrew it can be tedious to sit there.  But because he's so close to their family (the mother tells me all the time that Ollie is her adopted son), he got up early on Saturday, dressed in a shirt and tie, picked up Scott's girlfriend for him and went to the service.  I'm very proud of him for being a good friend.  He was also invited to their house yesterday morning for a brunch.  While it was hard for me to share him on Mother's Day, I let him go to his "surrogate family" for brunch. LOL

Mother's Day was wonderful.  The boys gave me a Nook!  I love it.  I've been out of bookshelf space for a long time and have books stacked everywhere.  I love to read and will re-read books over and over if I like them.  This is a perfect solution for me and also makes it easy to take it with me on the go.  I see people reading at the gym on the treadmill, but I'm not sure that would work for me.  I still love printed books, but this is much more practical for me right now.  I will probably continue to collect my Stephen King books in hardback, but I'll purchase ebooks now for anything I would normally buy a paperback copy of.

Working on my next kit... it's too early yet to know how it's going.  I also have a bunch of kits in progress that I need to go through and decide what to work on and finish.  Also on the list is going through a lot of my old contributions to mega kits for stores I was in before.  I want to rework the pieces and add to them to put out some complete kits or mini kits.

.... time to get back to work!  Have a great day!

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