Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Humpy Day .....

Yep, I'm still here.  Just buried deep in work, stuff at home, etc.  I certainly could use more hours in the day, but then again I'm ready to collapse now so I'm not sure I could handle more hours in the day without a nap here and there.

Dining room has been torn apart for over 2 months now with all it's pieces and parts all over the house.  Most significantly the china cabinet in my very small hallway.  Passing through the hallway requires going down sideways and sometimes as a contortionist.  We also have the table apart so are eating in the living room which I'm not a big fan of.  Good news is that the walls are finally painted.  Next the crown molding goes up and then FINALLY the new floor.  It's the floor that started this whole process.  See the photo I took here where we took the subfloor down to the original tongue and groove and put a new one in.  The finished floor is a solid bamboo and is going to be gorgeous.  We put a new beadboard ceiling up and it's painted a semi-gloss white along with the trim, baseboard and crown molding.  The walls are a daffodil yellow and it's all going to be so nice when we are done.  Sooooo.... crown molding, new floor, baseboard ... touch ups and then the furniture goes back.  Hooray!

Don wants to start Ollie's room next (new ceiling fan and paint).  I think Ollie wants to wait until school is out.  He retakes his SATs in early June and has finals coming up.  Me?  I'd love to have the house back to "normal" and get everything cleaned up before taking on another inside project.  I'm hoping he will tackle the outside siding which has gone on way too long.  It's time to get it done.  After school is out and we come back from the beach we can get Ollie's room done in hopefully a few days.

Ok... back to the piles and piles of things to get done.

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